Griffin Poetry Prize

Awarded annually to one Canadian and one international author for an outstanding book of poetry written in or translated into English.

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Title Overview Format & Publisher Call Number
Asked What Has Changed Book
Dream of No One but Myself eBook - 2021
Eccentric Days of Hope and Sorrow Book
Late to the House of Words Book
Letters in a Bruised Cosmos Book
Sho eBook - 2022
The Junta of Happenstance eBook - 2021
Music for the Dead and Resurrected Book
My Name Will Grow Wide Like a Tree Book
Obit eBook - 2020
Pluviophile eBook - 2020
The Dyzgraphxst Book
The East Side of It All Book
Underworld Lit eBook - 2020
Arias Book
heft Book
How She Read Book
How to Dress a Fish Book
Lima :: Limón eBook - 2019
Magnetic Equator Book
Time eBook - 2020
Autobiography of Death Book
Lake Michigan Book
Negative Space Book
Quarrels eBook - 2020
The Art of Dying Book
The Blue Clerk Book
The Perseverance Book
Debths Book
Hard Child eBook - 2017
Heaven is All Goodbyes Book
I Have to Live Book
Same Diff Book
This Wound is a World Book
Whereas Book
Falling Awake Book
Injun Book
In Praise of Defeat Book
Say Something Back Book
Silvija eBook - 2016
Violet Energy Ingots Book
World Of Made And Unmade eBook - 2016
40 Sonnets Book
Conflict Resolution for Holy Beings Book
Frayed Opus for Strings & Wind Instruments eBook - 2015
Heaven Book
Infinite Citizen of the Shaking Tent Book
Tell: Poems for a Girlhood Book
The Quotations of Bone eBook - 2016
Blue Sonoma eBook - 2014
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