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Title Overview Format & Publisher Call Number
Five Little Indians Book - 2020 Harper Perennial FIC Good
A Minor Chorus
A Novel
Book - 2022 Hamish Hamilton FIC Belco
The Theory of Crows
A Novel
Book - 2022 Harper Perennial FIC Rober
Indian Horse Book - 2012 Douglas & McIntyre FIC Wagam
A Novel
Book - 2022 Harper Avenue FIC Donog
The Sleeping Car Porter Book
The Maid
A Novel
Book - 2022 Viking FIC Prose
A Town Called Solace Book
Fight Night Book - 2021 Alfred A. Knopf Canada FIC Toews
We Spread
A Novel
Book - 2022 Scribner Canada FIC Reid
We Measure the Earth With Our Bodies
A Novel
Book - 2022 McClelland & Stewart FIC Lama
All the Quiet Places
A Novel
Book - 2021 Brindle & Glass FIC Isaac
Moon of the Crusted Snow
A Novel
Book - 2018 ECW Press FIC Rice
Sea of Tranquility
A Novel
Book - 2022 HarperCollins Publishers LTD FIC Mande
Son of A Trickster Book - 2017 Alfred A. Knopf Canada FIC Robin
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