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Why Smart Teens Hurt

Helping Adolescents Cope with the Consequences of Intelligence

Maisel, Eric
eBook, 2022

Chants for Socialists

Morris, William
Streaming Audiobook, 2022

The Magnificent Ambersons Growth Trilogy, Volume 2

Tarkington, Booth
Streaming Audiobook, 2022

Typhoon and Other Stories

Conrad, Joseph
Streaming Audiobook, 2022

Creative Resin

Easy techniques for contemporary resin art

Winston-Hart, Mia
eBook, 2022

English Paper Piecing Workshop

18 EPP projects for beginners and beyond

Jackson, Jenny
eBook, 2022

Got 'Em, Got 'Em, Need 'Em

A Fan's Guide to Collecting the Top 100 Sports Cards of All Time

Laroche, StephenWaldman, Jon
eBook, 2011

The Diamond Soul

5 Stepping Stones to Christlike Character

Vasilca, George
eBook, 2020

How I Became a Tree

Roy, Sumana
Streaming Audiobook, 2022

The Next Worship

Glorifying God in a Diverse World

Sandra Maria Van Opstal
eBook, 2022

Win the Retirement Game

How to Outsmart the 9 Forces Trying to Steal Your Joy

Casey, Joe
eBook, 2022

Perennials from My Garden

Presnell, Dellys
eBook, 2022

Dawn Tears, Spring Light, Rood Peace


Monks of Silverstream Priory
eBook, 2022

Love Your Job

The New Rules for Career Happiness

Hannon, Kerry E.
Streaming Audiobook, 2022

Beyond Coffee Bundle, 2 in 1 Bundle

Zimmer, RyleeDallas, Oliver
Streaming Audiobook, 2022

Draw Every Little Thing

Learn to Draw More Than 100 Everyday Items, From Food to Fashion

Waycott, Flora
eBook, 2019

The Art of Paint Pouring

Tips, Techniques, and Step-by-Step Instructions for Creating Colorful Poured Art in Acrylic

Vanever, Amanda
eBook, 2019

Being Creative

Be Inspired. Unlock Your Originality.

Atavar, Michael
eBook, 2018


Creative Spaces for Creative People

Coulthard, Sally
eBook, 2017

Sharpie Art Workshop

Techniques & Ideas for Transforming Your World

Goodman, Timothy
eBook, 2015

The Art of Paper Quilling

Designing Handcrafted Gifts and Cards

Claire Sun-ok Choi
eBook, 2011

Gaming Basics Guide

Wolf, Ellery
Streaming Audiobook, 2022

Happiness Is . . . 200 Ways to Be Creative

Swerling, LisaLazar, Ralph
eBook, 2017

The Mindfulness in Knitting

Meditations on Craft and Calm

Matthews, Rachael
eBook, 2020

Cult Filmmakers

50 Movie Mavericks You Need to Know

Ian Haydn Smith
eBook, 2019
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